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Our Work Experiences Benefit You

My husband and I have been married to the same partner for over 51 years. We have four adult children and 15 grandchildren; all of whom are doing well. They all give us pride in the quality of person they are and the type of leader and parent they have become.

Judith Sherman; Published Author of two books in The Treasure Box Series:  

Volume I: Peace, Joy and Happiness  [Judith L. Sherman]  (How To Fill Up Your Life's Treasure Box With Gems That Provide Peace in Trying Times) This book tells you how to escape the rut... 

The Treasure Box Series is About Experiences... and about Peace of Mind, Joy and Happiness.


A Special Edition of The Treasure Box Series: SEX, What About It [Judith L. Sherman] (Developing a Healthy Bond That Provides Deeper Love in Relationships).   

  • Joni, of CA, said: "I read the part about relationships to my friend and it helped him a lot. He told me that he and his wife are doing better now because of what you said in the book."
  •  Kathy of TX said: "I think this book needs to be in every High School.


My three or so years selling Avon and knocking on stranger's doors taught me how to work smart. If the wife (the buyer in the home) wasn't there, I talked to husbands and children to learn something about the family and to get a phone number to call later for an order. I Never left a catalog without getting a name and phone number.  

Forty years in Network Marketing taught me a great deal about people, what they need and want, and what I can do to help them obtain that which is important to them and their family.  Of course, as a leader in Network Marketing, my work utilized personal consultations with downline distributors as well as my upline mentors.  Sometimes customers needed someone to talk to whether they made an order or not.  All of these situations have enhanced my people skills and ability to have empathy and understanding for things that happen in people's lives through no fault of their own. 

My Work Experience Includes:

  • 1 year as a receptionist at a Junior High School (duties included monitoring student's behavior on bathroom breaks) and tracking student attendance.
  • 2 years as a receptionist at a County Mental Health facility. I set appointments with patients to see Clinicians or a Doctor.  I filed Clinician's and Psychologist's reports. I took notes from Staff Meetings (taken by a "long-lost" skill called shorthand) and then produced reports for the Department Director.  Also, I dealt with people coming in to the office in crisis.
  • 5 years working as an insurance associate in agent offices, filling out paper applications for various types of insurance, helping people with billing and policy problems, and counseling people on the type of insurances they needed.
  • 1 year working at a day treatment surgery center, checking in people for treatment, called insurance to make sure they had coverage, made sure they had all the appropriate paperwork, and inform family when patient was ready to go home.
  • Taught youth at church for over thirty years, I also taught adult classes. All of these teaching opportunities gave me skills to build lasting relationships.  

Walter Sherman, Veteran of the United States Air Force:  He retired 5 years ago but works now with his brother-in-law on a ranch.  He says he may not miss his job in Contract Management but sometimes, he  does miss the people. Presently, we serve as Life Coaches and Business Consultants.

In Walter's work experiences, he often counseled his employees about problems they were having at home that interred with their attendance and performance on the job.  Also, working with youth in The Boy Scouts Of America gives him an opportunity to advise them about work ethics and their need to have personal ethics. 

Walter's Work Experiences Include:  

  • Shift Manager in a glass factory;
  • Shift Manager in a semi-conductor plant; 
  • Facility Service Manager for hospitals, school districts, and colleges.

His glass factory job included setting up shifts, quality control, dealing with employee issues and attendance, and dealing with the union and upper management.

Facility management job in hospitals included helping staff meet their accreditation, taking care of laundry, and managing a minimum cleaning staff. 

Facility Management in school districts and college included taking care of laundry,  setting up cleaning schedules, and working with management on function setups. 

Walter's work as a volunteer in The Boy Scouts of America program (since the 1980s) has been a leader and District Trainer. 

A result of our work experiences and Judith's books, people often ask for advice in resolving problems. They ask about working with employees or employers, about life and family issues, and about focusing better on the important things in life and business.  

The truth is, either people we know need advice and direction or they know someone who does and want us to talk to them.

Sometimes, when people know they are "off course" and just need someone to redirect them, they ask us for assistance. Other times, people just need someone to help them commit to getting back to where they need to be and to hold them accountable.

Whatever you need, let's talk about it. To do that, you need to set an appointment by phone or on Skype. 



What We Do

We want you each to have the time and advice you need and deserve. First, we have to ask what you dream about, what you want for the family that you believe you are unable to give them now, what do you fear, and what you need from us to help you achieve these dreams and desires?  

In other words, we need to know these things about you before we can really help you. Once we have an understanding of what you need and what you want (no matter how difficult you think it may be to achieve), the easier it will be to advise you on what to do next. Furthermore, the easier it will be to suggest the tools you need from us to obtain them. 

Business mentors are one of the most important keys to success, and we have really good ones. Before we can introduce you, we must first evaluate your plans, goals, and aspirations.  Once you understand how we can help you, we will discuss how you can obtain peace, joy, and happiness in your life, within family life, and life at work.

Whether or not you try to seek a strategic alliance with the right business adviser—someone to help you achieve goals and improve your way of life—we must meet. Together we create a plan for you to use daily, so call us during normal business hours or use our Contact page.

The truth is that we will not be able to help everyone when they call at the same time; we can only do what we can do. Still, we must talk to know if we can even consult with you.  Call us during normal business hours for a first time phone appointment (360-670-1548).  We will gather some pertinent information to determine who will advise you.  

There is no charge for this service because we are not licensed to consult in certain areas. What we do is talk with you about your needs, wants, dreams, and goals. This is how we know you well enough to determine the best way to serve you. If you need a professional headhunter for a job or a healthcare provider for health issues, we will refer you to those services. 

Although our services are free, the adviser who works with you may talk to you about payment; it depends on what you need. 

Take a look at mine and my husband's work experiences so you know the areas we are most comfortable talking to you about and for what service you will need a referral.

Why Us?

Generally, in the course of living our lives and doing business, people often talk to us about themselves, their lives, family, and work.  Sometimes they confide to us their dreams, aspirations, goals, and even frustrations. At that time, we usually discuss what is going on to cause their frustrations, and that question usually leads them to discuss the changes they want to make. 

Mentoring can play a key roll in helping people feel happy, content, and successful in life; as well as within their family, community, and occupations. Soon the discussion leads to the following questions:

  • What would they do now if there was an opportunity for them to do so? 
  • What if conditions were to change and they could do something that helps along their dream? 
  • What changes would they need to make for that dream to happen? 

I wonder, were you asking yourself these same questions?  If so, then we really do need to talk. We want you to have the guidance you deserve — I believe we can do that with your help — but you must first set a phone appointment.  It'll be a short call to discuss your needs and to determine if we can even advise you.

We can talk by email or perhaps by Skype; if I can figure out how?   Please call us during normal business hours (360-670-1548).  We will gather some pertinent information that we need to help us determine who needs to advise you.  

Remember, there is no charge for this service because we do NOT have a licence for that type of consultation. 

Please call us during normal business hours; the first call will only be about 10 minutes.

To set an appointment, call (360) 670-1548.  If we can help you, we will set longer appointments. 

Whether or not you are seeking a strategic alliance with the right business adviser—someone to help you achieve your goals and improve your way of life—we need to meet. Together we create a plan for you. To do that, you need to call us or use the contact page.

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